premium turtle sticks food

Turtle Sticks Floating Reptile food 

Mychilyn turtle sticks pellets can be floating or sinking. There are small, medium and large size. Diets can be 

formulated per customers special request for protein, fat or vitamin percent and also for color enhancement. Special pellets for Koi, Gold Fish, Cichlids, tropical fish and marine fish food are available.

Product description
Turtle sticks Ingredients

White fish meal, advanced wheat flour, shrimp meal, brine shrimp, spirulina, deepsea fish oil, yeast meal, rose algae,astacin, wheat germ, scallop, stable multi-vitamins, multi-minerals,etc.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein  ≥ 35%
Crude Fat  ≥ 5%
Crude Fiber  ≤ 3%
Crude Ash  ≤ 13%
Calcium  ≤ 2%
Lysine  ≥ 0.5%
NaCI  ≤ 3%
Moisture  ≤ 10%
Feeding Instruction

Feed sparingly 2 to 3 times daily but in small quantity which can be eaten within few minutes. 
Remove any uneaten food after 10 minutes. It also will not pollute the water.


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