wholesale frozen pacific krill

Frozen krill for natural fish food


1.100% krill.   

2. It contains  high amounts of Omega 3’s, an essential fatty acid, and methionine and lysine amino acids

 that help fish grow healthily.

3. It contains  astaxanthin, carotenoid which enhance the color of fish

Product description
high quality frozen pacific krill
Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein:  ≥7.5%  

Crude fat:        ≥2.8%

Crude Fiber:   ≤0.8% 

Crude Ash:     ≤1.0%

Moisture:       ≤90%

Feeding Instruction

Break small portions and drop into aquarium. 

Feed no more than fish can eat up in 3 minutes.

Not overfeed. Remove any uneaten food. Keep unused portion frozen.

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